miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

A very special celebration cake was waiting for us at the end of the journey...

Thanks a lot, Mrs. Doina, for such a sweet surprise!

duminică, 31 octombrie 2010

Second Week of Exhibition - October 24th-30th

The second week of Romanian Roots European Branches started with a fresh Romanian apple-pie, in-house cooked, using apples brought from Romania.
From Monday to Saturday many visitors came along to see the exhibition and there written impressions can tell about how they enjoyed what they saw.

Many thanks to

duminică, 24 octombrie 2010

Day 6 - October 23rd

Exhibition guests from Holland, Austria, Spain, Israel and also from UK and Romania
Thank you all for visiting us!

High Street Music of the day :)

vineri, 22 octombrie 2010

Days 4-5 - October 21st & 22nd

We had visitors from UK, Brasil, Romania, Germany, France, Argentina, Venezuela, Moldova, Greece, Italy

Meanwhile, the Festival it's not just our exhibition. We try to catch a piece of the Festival's Atmosphere